Wood Drill Bits

Drilling wood requires a specialist drill bit called a spur point. These drill bits feature a sharp, central tip known as a brad and a flat head with two small spurs at either end. This helps maintain straight drilling and fast, clean hole cutting in timber or wood.

What Are Wood Drill Bits Used For?

When affixed to a power tool, wood drill bits provide smooth, high-speed drilling through all kinds of wood. They reduce the risk of splintering and are essential tools for woodworking and carpentry.

Drill bit sets often include impact-rated bits for combi drills, drill drivers and impact drivers. Tri-flute designs provide faster cutting than standard, flat drill bits, whilst powerful quad cutter wood drills are ideal for cutting through beams and joists.

Toolstation stocks a wide range of high-quality wood drill bits and sets from trusted brands such as Toolpak, DeWalt, Bosch, Silverline and Makita.