Overflow Waste Fittings

Browse toilet overflow pipes and overflow fittings from many trusted brands. Whether you’re looking for an overflow waste pipe or overflow connector, we’ve got plenty of options to suit all budgets and plumbing configurations. You’re bound to find the right plumbing solution for your home when you shop from our selection of products at Toolstation. What does the overflow pipe do? A toilet cistern overflow pipe is used to prevent the toilet’s water tank from overflowing. It’s an important safety feature to stop your toilet flooding into your bathroom, so all toilets should be fitted with a water tank overflow pipe. If the toilet fill valve fails and keeps filling the cistern with water, then an overflow pipe will drain the excess water into the toilet bowl and out through the drain. Overflow waste pipe comes in many different sizes and configurations, so you can choose the proper fitting for your bathroom. They are usually manufactured in plastic, making them durable and easy to keep clean.

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