Cable Ties

Cable ties are a simple yet effective way of tying items together. They’re usually used to group cables together, keeping them tidy and minimising hazards. Cable ties were first invented to help with the hundreds of cables and wires on planes. Today, they’re used across many industries and at home.

What Are the Different Types of Cable Ties and What Are They Used For?

Cable ties come in different materials and designs for various purposes. The main two types of cable ties are single-use and reusable. Alongside these are cable ties in multiple materials; plastic and nylon are most common, available in different colours. Stainless steel and metal ties are still available for specific uses. Stainless steel cable ties have high tensile strength. They’re flame retardant, making them ideal for hot environments. Browse our collection to find self-adhesive, double-headed and push-mount cable ties, too. Find a wide range of heavy-duty cable ties at Toolstation from leading brands like Unbranded, Termination Technology, Heavy Duty and Prolix. Our collection includes heavy-duty nylon cable ties in different colours, steel cable ties with a ball lock, hook and loop ties, and accessories like cable tie guns and adhesive bases.

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