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RNLI Flood Rescue Team

Toolstation sponsors the Royal National Lifeboat Institution's National Flood Rescue Team. The RNLI is the charity that saves lives at sea. The RNLI Flood Rescue Team members are all either serving volunteer lifeboat crew members or operational RNLI staff who volunteer to be a part of the team. The RNLI Flood Rescue Team is supplemented by local swift water rescue trained RNLI lifeboat crew around the UK and Republic of Ireland in the event of inland flooding.

RNLI Flood Rescue Team

Photo: RNLI/Robin Goodlad

For more information about the RNLI Flood Rescue Team click here.

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Young Builder of the Year Awards by Youthbuild UK

Since 2013 Toolstation have been sponsors of the Young Builder of the Year Awards run by Youthbuild UK. The mission of this worthy charitable organisation is to promote engagement with young people to combat social exclusion, through the development of construction based support services, and celebrate young people's success. The Young Builder of the Year Awards celebrate the achievements of young people, who despite having to overcome a range of barriers have succeeded in becoming qualified and/or gaining employment in the construction industry. To find out more visit