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Hamilton make the decorating tools that professionals choose.

Hamilton have been listening, learning, and innovating for over 250 years to ensure the use of first-class production techniques to deliver products for all professional and trade skill levels.

If speed, finish, or comfort is front of mind, Hamilton have the right decorating tools for the right job. Choose from a selection of paint brushes, rollers and accessories offered here at Toolstation.

The Big Indoor Box Set

the big indoor
box set

  • For indoor decorating projects
  • Contains 27 pieces
  • Includes 10 tray liners which are 100% recyclable


10 tray liners

Exclusive to toolstation

to toolstation

Paint brushes
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A range of decorating tools for the multi-skilled tradesperson. Consider it done

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Paint brush

The highest quality brushes and sleeves built with the discerning painter & decorator in mind. Perfection makes the difference.

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  • What’s the difference between the Perfection and Hamilton For The Trade Ranges?

  • Perfection has been developed as Hamilton’s ‘top tier’ offering, giving more specific choice and long-lasting quality for the discerning professional painter and decorator.

    Hamilton’s new For the Trade range has been developed specifically for the multi-skilled tradesperson – for whom perhaps, painting and decorating is not a full-time focus.

  • Can I use a synthetic brush with oil-based paint?

  • Yes, but results may vary when using a synthetic brush with oil-based paint as it is designed for water-based applications.

    The For the Trade range has a wide selection of brushes developed for use with all paints. Perfection brushes use the latest innovation in filament technology, so you should ideally use a synthetic head for water-based paints for the best possible result.

  • Do I need to break in a synthetic brush?

  • No, you don’t. Unlike traditional natural bristle brushes, synthetic filaments won’t wear. They are also already designed for the task at hand and will be all, or some of the following: tapered, flagged or fine-tipped. You’ll get a smoother finish straight from the pack – they’ll also clean more easily!

  • Which roller pile length should be used on which surfaces?

  • A short pile sleeve is used for painting smooth surfaces such as those recently plastered (when dry), plasterboard or lining paper. Medium pile sleeves are the most common pile, for use on semi-smooth surfaces such as woodchip or lightly patterned, or previously painted walls. A long pile sleeve is usually used for rough surfaces such as artex or more heavily patterned surfaces.

  • Why is my roller sleeve losing lint?

  • It may be that there was some loose lint/fabric before you started using it – this is normal. When using a brand new roller (not applicable for foam) dampen your hand first and run it over the sleeve to remove loose bits that are there from the manufacturing process.

    Also double-check that you are using the correct roller for the paint you are using.

  • How should I clean my brush?

  • Synthetic filaments clean much more easily than natural bristles. When using water-based or hybrid paints you can usually clean under the tap – a brush comb is always a good idea too to remove excess paint towards the base.

    When using an oil-based paint you may decide to use a vapour box – this will help keep the brush head moist for future work.

  • Can I put my brush into a Vapour Box?

  • Most of Hamilton’s brushes are vapour box compatible (check product details). Generally, a brush used for oil-based paints is kept moist rather than cleaned in-between each job – a vapour box helps this process.

    Bear in mind any special varnishes, coatings, lacquers – or metals that aren’t resistant – may corrode or crack when used in a vapour box.

  • How should I clean my roller sleeve?

  • For water-based paints, remove excess paint first with a roller scraper, then wash with clean water and stand on end to dry.

    When using oil-based trim paints, such as gloss, it is likely you won’t be able to clean the roller for re-use. Foam rollers are often the best for these types of jobs.

  • Is my roller frame compatible with extension poles?

  • Both will be either screw-fit or push-fit, you can usually tell quite easily by looking at the frame handle. The Hamilton For The Trade range offers extension poles for use with both screw-fit and push-fit roller frames.

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