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First-Time Buyer’s Essential Toolkit

A first-time buyer assembling a chair with a screwdriver When you’ve just bought your first home, chances are you’ve not got much budget remaining to purchase a load of expensive tools. But it’s likely you’ve got a whole list of DIY tasks planned to make your new house feel like home. From changing lightbulbs to assembling flatpack furniture, taking on DIY tasks yourself is part and parcel of owning a new home. That’s why we’ve collaborated with a construction expert with over 15 years’ experience to determine the tools you should invest in first as a new homeowner. For around £210 you should be able to set yourself up with the tools necessary to get those essential jobs done.

Drill Driver & Bits: Around £125

A drill driver is probably the most practical, versatile, and generally essential tool for any DIY project. Designed to both drill holes and drive in screws, whether you’re putting up blinds or curtains, assembling furniture or installing shelves, having this by your side is going to make life much easier. Remember, you’ll also need some drill bits and screwdriver bits to tackle different jobs and surfaces.

Screwdrivers: Around £10

A set of screwdrivers or a multibit screwdriver with interchangeable heads is going to be essential for your new home. You’ll use them for everything from tightening furniture to opening tins of paint. And the good news is they’re one of the cheapest items in your tool armoury.

Tape Measure: Around £5

There’s a proverb in the building trade that says, “Measure twice, cut once”. A tape measure does what it says on the tin, making life easy by removing room for error. A top tip is to take your tape measure with you when going DIY or furniture shopping so you can measure everything accurately.

Spirit Level: Around £8

A spirit level or bubble level is a tool used to indicate whether a surface is horizontal (level) or vertical (plumb). There are apps that you can use, but you run the risk of getting your phone mucky. Relatively low cost, spirit levels avoid bodged jobs when erecting shelves and hanging mirrors. These are also ideal if you’re planning a gallery wall.

Claw Hammer: Around £5

A claw hammer will come in handy more than you realise. The head is used for driving in the nails needed to hang things like hooks and photo frames. And the claw is great from retrieving any picture hooks left in the walls by previous owners. It can also be used for tasks like prising up old carpet, tearing down drywall and removing raw plugs.

Step Ladder: Around £50

It’s not strictly a tool, but a step ladder will come in handy for all sorts of DIY tasks including painting ceilings, changing light bulbs and hanging pictures. It’s safer than using a chair and will avoid any muddy footprints!

Toolbox: Around £8

It’s not strictly essential but you’ll want something to store all your new tools in. A toolbox can be picked up relatively inexpensively and will make you feel like the real deal.   With over 25,000 trade quality products and free delivery on orders over £35, Toolstation have the tools you need to get almost any DIY task done.  

With Special Thanks To Our Construction Expert

Chris Lawson is Managing Director at CK Architectural. He has over 15 years’ experience in construction.

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