Tek Screws

Tek is a brand whose name has become synonymous with its product. In this case, that is self-drilling metal screws. Tek screws are predominantly used in roofing and cladding but can have a range of applications.

What Are Self-Drilling Screws?

These ingenious screws have a tip shaped like a drill bit which allows them to be driven straight into a surface without drilling a pilot hole. In addition, some have a bolt-like head with a washer for tightening and loosening. Self-drilling screws are available in different shapes, sizes and designs. Each is suited to its own material, from timber to cement and steel.

You’ll find a wide range of heavy-duty self-drilling metal screws and Tek screws at Toolstation from trusted brands. Our selection includes hex washer self-drilling roof screws and countersunk self-drilling screws.
Trunk-Tite Trunk-Tite / Trunk-Tite SQ. Drive Self Drilling Screw 5.5 x 40mm
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