Hinge Cutters

Hinge cutters are a power tool attachment used to cut clean, precise holes in wood suitable for fitting hinges. They can be used on hardwood or softwood cabinetry, furniture and interior fittings.

What Are Hinge Cutters?

Like other drill bits, hinge cutters are fixed to a power drill. Hinge cutters resemble a Forstner bit and can create similar clean-edged, flat-bottomed holes for hinges. They are handy in woodworking, carpentry, joinery and constructing furniture. At Toolstation, we stock a selection of professional-quality hinge cutters from top brands like Toolpak. Find products available in a range of sizes, including tungsten carbide-tipped hinge-boring bits designed for manufactured timber.
                                  Toolpak Toolpak Titanium Forstner Bit 35mm - 56912 - from Toolstation ( 131 )
                                  Toolpak Toolpak Titanium Forstner Bit Set  - 29932 - from Toolstation ( 95 )
                                  Toolpak Toolpak TCT Hinge Cutter Bit 35mm - 67418 - from Toolstation ( 98 )
                                  Toolpak Toolpak TCT Hinge Cutter Bit 26mm - 53752 - from Toolstation ( 13 )

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