Impact Drills

Impact drills (also called rotary hammers or hammer drills) are a powerful tool for drilling and creating holes. Drills come in many forms for different applications. Find our wide variety here, including combi drills and drill drivers to complete your toolkit. Determine whether you need an impact drill or an impact driver. Both can be used to drill holes and drive screws quickly so you can get through construction and DIY jobs in no time.

Impact Drills vs Drivers: What is the Difference?

They sometimes get confused, but impact drivers and drills are different tools. The main difference is that the two have different levels of power and turning force. Drills also have a traditional chuck for holding the drill bit, while drivers have quick-release shanks for when you need a screwdriver. Drivers are often lighter and more compact than drills, making them better for many smaller jobs. Discover our selection of impact drills from trusted brands here, including Makita, Einhell, Bauker, Black and Decker and Bosch. These include affordable options for straightforward and heavy-duty tasks across a range of industries.
                Motor Type
                      Bauker Bauker Bauker 750W Impact Hammer Drill 240V - 21165 - from Toolstation
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