Gyproc EasiFill

From small patch up jobs to full-room projects, Gyproc EasiFill powder fillers can help you achieve a smooth finish prior to decoration. They come in a range of working times, from 20 to 60 minutes, and adhere to paint effectively to help you quickly fill holes, cracks and joints.

Gyproc EasiFill 60: Ideal for both bulk filling and finishing of joints. 60 minutes working time.

Gyproc EasiFill 5x1kg: Individual 1kg sachets of Gyproc EasiFill 45 ideal for patching and repair. Working time of 45 minutes.

Gyproc EasiFill 20: Ideal for quick filling and snagging. 20 minutes working time.

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Gyproc EasiPatch Plasterboard Patches

For quick and Easi repairs to plasterboard, Gyproc EasiPatch Plasterboard patches can be applied to cover holes or everyday damage before filling over with Gyproc EasFill powder filler.

Each pack contains two patches, each with a 100mmx100mm aluminium plate attached to a self adhesive fibreglass mesh, the perfect size to cover single socket or spotlight holes, or damage created by door handles.

How to apply

1. Sand the area
2. Apply patch over the damage
3. Apply filler over patch and feather out to 50mm
4. Once dry, add a second coat of filler and feather out an extra 50mm
5. Sand the area before decoration

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Gyproc EasiPatch Plasterboard Patches
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Gyproc FibaTape Xtreme

Gyproc FibaTape Xtreme is an extra sticky, self-adhesive fibreglass mesh tape ideal for use in jointing or repair work.

This orange skrim tape has extra glue to make it extra sticky, helping it to perform in extreme temperatures from 5-35°C.

It also comes in an extra wide version of 100mm wide which is perfect to cover plasterboard joints and screw heads in one go whilst jointing.

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Gyproc FibaTape Xtreme

Gyproc EasiFiller

A range of ready mixed fillers ideal for general reapirs and multiple types of surface damage.

Gyproc EasiFiller: A multi-purpose ready mixed filler for most internal repairs of up to 5mm in depth. Quick and easy to apply and sands to a smooth, fine finish.

Gyproc EasiFiller Light: An ultra lightweight ready mixed filler for deep holes and cracks. Tiny air bubbles help reduce skrinkage and resist slumping after application. Easy to apply with no sanding needed.

Gyproc EasiFiller Finish: An extra fine ready-mixed surface filler ideal for quickly covering larger areas. Easy application and easily sanded to leave a smooth finish.

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Gyproc EasiFiller

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