We’re no stranger to DIY hacks, but with TikTok forever growing in popularity, more and more have appeared online. While some hacks probably offer useful ways to fix small problems in your home, others appear to be dangerous – and could do more harm than good.


So, just how safe are these online DIY hacks to replicate?


Toolstation asked over 100 trade professionals to give their opinion on some of the most popular DIY hacks on TikTok. We’ve asked them to review the safety and durability of these hacks – spoiler alert, it’s not good.

Top 5 Worst DIY Hacks on TikTok

While some suggestions on TikTok may be safe and helpful, these five are ones to avoid, according to our professionals.

1. Water Leak – 1.2m views, 26.7k likes

A plumbing and heating engineer commented against this idea:


‘I feel that will not work, and for the UK you will be contaminating the water supply as you have introduced a foreign body into the water supply. I think you would need to re-check your Water Regulations.’


Another plumber also referred to this idea as a ‘can of worms.’


This video suggests placing an epoxy ball into a pipe to stop a water leak. The ball supposedly blocks the hole to prevent more leakage.


However, as our professionals have said, this could lead to water contamination and there is also no way of controlling how the ball will act once it is placed inside the pipe.


Our professionals suggest cutting out the leaking pipe and replacing it as a proper fix.

2. Rental Wallpaper – 216.6k views, 43.3k likes

A painter and decorator advised against this idea:


‘If it is a rental and you can’t decorate, the painter’s tape and double-sided tape will leave ladder marks. The longer it is left up, the worse it will be. It is not a hack I would use. I would go back to the landlord and ask permission to paper a feature wall.’


This ‘hack’ shows a way of putting up wallpaper using tape in ladder formations, so the wallpaper sticks to the tape.


Although this method is less messy, it is not as effective and will not leave your wallpaper with a flush finish.


As the professional mentioned, it will leave marks on the wall – so it is best to seek permission from the landlord and use wallpaper paste for redecorating.


3. Honey Sander – 165k views, 1332 likes

Toby, a bespoke furniture maker, does not recommend this:


‘This is a short-term fix that will result in clogging of your sander, for something that can easily be solved by replacing the hook and loop pad or using a pad saver in the first place.’


This idea suggests using honey to stick a pad to your sander. However our professionals advise against this as it will cause your sander to get clogged with sawdust.


The best fixes for a pad that won’t stay are to either buy a new pad for the sander or use a pad saver to prevent this.


4. Shower Head Pressure – 4.8m views, 237.1k likes

A plumber and bathroom fitter was very much against this video:


‘Flow restrictors are in place for a reason, removal can cause temperature issues, especially in the case of combi boilers. I would say NEVER remove them unless the manufacturer clearly states they can be removed entirely. Most appliances call for a flow rated item be fitted, different coloured ones indicate different flow rates, and you should always adhere to manufacturer advice.’


This video shows a man rather dangerously removing a flow restrictor from a showerhead to increase the water pressure of the shower. As our professional has stated, these restrictors have been put in place for a reason – removing them can cause temperature issues and will also void any warranty you have on the piece.

5. Kitchen Island – 132.4k views, 5191 likes

We had a few kitchen fitters advise against this idea with one saying:


‘Not secured to floor. Not particularly strong.’


And another states:


‘Looks terrible and unsafe.’


This video shows a budget kitchen island being assembled with basic brackets and MDF, so it’s no surprise our professionals say this structure is not sturdy or safe to use.


Do not try this kind of project unless you can ensure a safe build that can be secured to the floor – you don’t want your freshly-cooked dinner falling onto the floor!

Our professionals have reviewed these hacks and given their opinions – they should definitely be avoided, even though they’ve all gone viral. If you are attempting some DIY work at home, please always do your research and be safe about it.


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