Clamp Meters

Electricians and technicians regularly use clamp meters to measure AC current, temperature, frequency and voltage. These devices have clamp-like jaws for gripping wires, cables and other conductors within an electrical system to measure the current without disconnecting it.

What Is a Clamp Meter Used For?

The main benefit of a clamp meter is that it allows you to take an inline current measurement without cutting into a wire and shutting off the circuit. This makes for safer, faster and more efficient servicing, installation and repairs. Clamp meters are often used in electrical systems and industrial or commercial HVAC applications. They are also known as digital clamp meters or amp clamps.

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TIS TIS / Earth Leakage Clampmeter
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Earth Leakage Clampmeter


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TIS TIS / TIS 600 AMP AC Clamp Meter
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TIS 600 AMP AC Clamp Meter


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