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Go Paint - Store & Go System Go Paint - Store & Go System
After cleaning your brushes with the Clean & Go system 34232 , they can be stored perfectly in the Store & Go brush gel for days, weeks or even months. Simply wipe off the gel with a clean cloth and the brush is ready to go again. Can be used with both oil and water based paints. The gel is water based and made from natural and renewable resources.
Contents: 1x 1.5L tub of gel, 1x metal kettle, 1x connection ring, 2 plastic kettles, (one as a lid and one as a spare pot) and 2 brush clips.
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£14.17 ex.
Original Wax Polish 400g Original Wax Polish 400g
Can be used on bare or finished wood to give a high shine and durable finish. Not recommended for use in high moisture situations.
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