Cleaning & Pest Control

Karcher. Limited Edition Window Vac. Save 50%. Only £49.98.

Keep any surface clean or expand your cleaning kit if you're a professional cleaner with our durable cleaning supplies for home and commercial use.

Keep indoor and outdoor floors and surfaces dirt, germ and dust free with our range of hardwearing brushes and brooms. Get rid of grease, mould and stains by disinfecting and washing up effectively with our indoor surface cleaners, cleaning detergents or steam cleaners. Maintain a beautiful, algae, dirt and grime free patio or brick surface with our exterior Swarfega surface cleaner or degreaser.

Clean the car, home or patio with our range of pressure washers from brands such as Karcher, SIP and Draper. Keep the workplace clean with our range of wet, dry vacuums and dust extractors from leading brands such as Bosch and Metabo.

Toolstation stocks a variety of window cleaning equipment, from T-bar applicators to section poles and window cleaning holsters and sleeves. Ensure your hands are thoroughly clean and effectively scrub a day's work away with our heavy-duty wipes or hand cleaners.

Keep a home and garden free of typical pests such as mice, rats, flies and birds with our series of pest control products; including rat poison, mouse traps, mole repeller, bird spikes and industrial fly killer.

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