Fixings & Fasteners

Browse a range of fixings and fasteners from top brands like Fischer, Rawlplug, Forgefix, TechFast and DeWalt. From wall plugs and frame fixings to plasterboard fixings, cavity wall fixings and chemical fixings, we have products to suit every application.

Choose chemical anchors for heavy-duty loads, including satellite dish mountings, gate hinges and balcony rails. Other chemical fixings include pre-mixed cement cartridges for repairing interior and exterior cracks or joining materials.

Wall Plugs

Wall plugs are vital when hanging or attaching items to solid walls. Nylon plugs work with brick, concrete and natural stone thanks to their high load-bearing capacities. Shop wall plugs in multi-packs with various sizes to suit any screw or fixing.

Frame Fixings

Use frame fixings when securing uPVC, wood and metal frames to wood or masonry. Buy Phillips frame fixings to install wooden door and window frames to brick and concrete or the masonry Torx frame fixing screw pack with cover caps and insert bits.

Cavity Wall Fixings

Cavity wall fixings can be used with steel anchors in non-load-bearing installations, including concrete and natural stone.