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Thursday 24th August 2017

Part L Compliant Extractor Fans

Part L of the Building Regulations (England and Wales) concerns the conservation of fuel and power. Combined with the requirements for minimum airflow (Part F), the 2010 regulation updates mean that for electric ventilation systems there are now obligatory minimum energy efficiencies for new build and refurbishment.

Energy efficiency is defined in terms of specific fan power (SFP), which is measured in watts per litre per second of airflow.

All models in the Part L range stocked by Toolstation are designed to comply with the Regulations by performing within the maximum SFP of 0.5 Watts per litre per second, which is the requirement for intermittent extract ventilation systems such as extractor fans.

The range suit a variety of different needs with most available in 100mm and 150mm.

100mm Quiet Part L Extractor Fan

A top seller, which is wall or ceiling mountable and has a back draught shutter. A timer version is available which is adjustable from 1-20 minutes.

It also lives up to its name with reviewers praising it for how quiet it is.

Ian23 gave it 5 out of 5 stars and said:

“I purchased this to replace a fan in our ensuite. The old fan was noisy and as a result we didn't use it much. This new one is very quiet and efficient too - the mirror doesn't mist when the fan is on. The fan has a back draught shutter which seals the vent when the unit is not running (although you do get a bit of a "flapping" noise in high winds.) The fan uses less power than its predecessor and you can adjust the overrun time from 1 minute to around 25 minutes. It's very easy to fit and excellent value for money. I recommend it.”


100mm Part L Inline Shower Extractor Fan & Light Kit with Timer

Fitting an extractor fan into a light is becoming more frequent, not only used to hide the fan but it’s great for smaller spaces too. It also removes the risk of electric shock to wet areas due to the fan being mounted remotely. Features include 1-20 minute timer, 10.4W fan, white/chrome shower light and 12V 35W dichroic lamp.


150mm version available here.

150mm Part L Extractor Fan Standard

Designed for kitchen and utility rooms, 150mm, 18W, includes back draught shutter and a timer version is available.

Ricky 231 gave it 5 out of 5 stars and said:

“Kitchen extractor - I was really impressed with the extractor fans performance, customer was too. Thank-you for your top service.”


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