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Monday 5th June 2017

Top 10 reviewed products

At Toolstation we’re always keen to hear what our customers think of our products and since December 2016, when we launched our product review feature on our website we can do just that.

We’ve picked out the top 10 products across all our departments to see which products you’re nuts about and why.

1. In the top spot is the Integral LED plug in nightlight

“A little gem. Excellent little piece of kit, a bargain price that costs next to nothing to run and it can withstand the odd bump from Staffy size pets. It's bright enough to see clearly by but not so much that it dazzles the eyes thanks to the light being channelled around the edge of the panel. I didn't just recommend it to a friend, I bought her one and convinced the staff member selling it to me to buy one too.”

2. ForgeFast Multi-Purpose Screw 3.5x30mm

This screw has a recessed head, is self-cutting and there’s a Torx bit in every box. Number two in our top reviewed products, one of our Tradesmen says it all “I believe there is no better screw for balance of cost vs strength”. Large size range available for all your needs.

3. LED PIR Floodlight from Meridian Lighting

If you’re looking for a PIR light for you or your customer this could be a strong contender. “The PIR has good sensitivity, gives out masses of bright white light and is very solidly built”, setting itself apart from the rest. Take a look at the reviews for yourself and recommend or use with confidence.

4. Socket converter

Used to increase the number of sockets (from 2 gang to 3 gang) without installing new boxes or patresses. From the reviews these are used by the DIYer’s amongst you who say they are “much easier and cheaper than getting new sockets fitted”, although we always recommend using a qualified electrician!

5. Expanding Foam

Fills large gaps with little effort. One of the reviewers has some sound advice too: “Top tip don't use too much as it will keep expanding far beyond what you expect. And use the free gloves inside the lid as this stuff will find its way onto your hands”. A handy product for your toolkit.

6. Wood Protective Treatment & Preserver

“This treatment does all it says it does. it is easy to use, and easy to clean up after. My wooden veranda is back to its golden beauty (it was originally treated with this product four years ago when I built it”.

7. LED GLS Non-Dimmable lamp

A 5 pack which offer excellent value and bright light. “Good lights at a good price & cheap to run. This is the second lot that I have bought.”

8. LED GU10 5W Lamp

Another 5 pack which our customers think are ideal for the job, many use them in kitchens and bathrooms to replace halogens and have not been disappointed. “After shopping around, could not find a cheaper or better product, have been using for over a year now, and no complaints”

9. Werner Fibreglass Swingback Step Ladder

An all-rounder step ladder that the trade use, safe for electrical work too, what’s not to like! “Great ladders, great price - Great ladders, suitable for most situations. Toolstation were the cheapest price I could find”.

10. Twin & Earth Cable (6242Y) Grey 6.0mm2 x 50m

A staple in the electrical industry and our most popular size. “Does what it says on the tin” as our reviewers say and at a good price too, range currently available from £8.60.