The Big Switch On 2021 – Hints and Tips for Saving Money and Energy When Heating Your Home This Winter

In recent radio interviews Matt Nourse, Toolstation’s Commercial Director has been talking about the “Big Switch On” and the issues that can arise from it with TV Presenter and Consumer Champion Alice Beer.

With costs of home energy rising and news of inflation being at its highest in 10 years; findings from Toolstation’s Big Switch On report shows that people are concerned about being able to afford heating their homes and the environmental impact of doing so.

We have listed some of the key findings from this report and some hints and tips to help people look after their heating and make them more cost effective and energy efficient.


  • Research finds 60% of Brits are worried about being able to afford to keep their homes warm this winter
  • Sales of smart heating products have seen triple digit increases as households invest in energy saving products
  • 51% have argued with other members of their household about when to turn the heating on
  • Surprisingly, when it comes to our pets, 43% of us leave our central heating on for them when we leave home, as half worry they will get cold when we aren’t around

There are some key things households can do to help keep them warm and save money.

Tips to keep your home warm:

  • Boilers should be serviced every year by a qualified engineer which will help highlight any faults before it’s too late
  • It is best to regularly switch your heating on every few months to make sure that the central heating system is working correctly
  • Insulate exposed pipes in basements, attics, garages and on the outside of your home and set your thermostat to a decent temperature to avoid a pipe freeze
  • Households can add central heating additives such as inhibitors, cleansers and silencers to maintain central heating and make them work efficiently through the winter months
  • When it comes to buying a new radiator, make sure you understand its BTU (British Thermal Units). This measures the efficiency of the radiator and indicates whether it will heat your room