May 16, 2019

Congratulations to Darren Burge, winner of our April “Welcome to Toolstation -win £1,100 worth of Tools” monthly prize draw

Each month, all customers that provide an email address when signing up at Toolstation will be entered into our monthly prize draw to win £1,000 worth of tools and supplies.

"It was really out of the blue, I was so surprised and pleased to have won" – Darren Burge

Darren is a keen DIYer who, along with his partner Sue, has moved into a new home near Exmouth, Devon, in need of lots of refurbishment. This move in itself hasn’t been easy however, as 4 years ago Darren suffered a stroke, which left him with limited movement on one side. He also has aphasia, meaning that he can’t always produce the words that his brain wants him to say.

Having these disabilities from the stroke has not stopped Darren from getting stuck in and with some adaptions continuing with his DIY projects. He just has to be more selective on what he does:

"As I only have use of one side of my body, I can do projects one handed so I have to consider things like weight and whether tools are cordless and how long they take. I spend 10-15 minutes working and then have to sit down quietly for a little bit and then continue for another 10-15 minutes. The job may take longer but I get to do it myself".

Having won this prize means that Darren can upgrade some of his kit to make jobs easier for him physically. One of the prizes he selected was a cordless lawnmower. He can mow the lawn without the worry of the cord getting in the way and hindering manoeuvrability. He has also selected a lighter drill so he can still do some of those jobs that need drilling without getting a tradesperson in. Sue also helps with some of these jobs.

He also champions the Exmouth branch for helping him deciding on what products he needs. "The team at my local branch understand my restrictions and help to decide the best product to complete the job. It helps me to be able to continue to do DIY, I just think about what I need more now".

On hearing that he had won, he credited a positive experience "Although it was a surprise, I was really happy to have won, I’m 54 and never had a win before. The process where I was emailed and spoke to someone form the company was a really positive experience and reassured me that I had actually won and what to expect. It’s refreshing, as so many companies use automated services now".

If you want to be a winner of the "Welcome to Toolstation" prize draw, just like Darren. Simply go to your nearest branch, provide your email address and you will be automatically entered into our monthly prize draw to win £1,000 worth of tools!

We will be drawing the winner at the end of each month, so keep an eye out got the winners on our Social Media and News Pages!

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