The Hive Range

Hive products are a smart way to help people get the most out their homes. Now, customers are in control of their heating, lighting and more, thanks to an easy-to-use app on their smartphone, tablet or laptop. Wherever they are, whatever the time.

Hive products are easy for you to install. From Hive Active Heating™ to the new Hive Active Light™ and Hive Active Plug™, our products make clever tech simple. And to help you satisfy your customers’ sense of style, there is the Hive Thermostat Stand and the Hive Frames that come in a choice of black or wood-look finish.

Customer info – this range is available for delivery or click & collect next business day.

Q: Do I need to be with British Gas to have Hive products?

A: No, any Hive products can be installed no matter who provides your energy.

Q: Can I control my heating and hot water by text?

Yes, to control your heating or hot water using text messages you simply text in one of the set commands (texts will be charged at your standard network rate and responses are free).


Does Hive Active Heating™ have multizone control?

Hive Active Heating™ has multizone heating control capability. Just buy Hive Active Heating™ for the first zone and then upgrade to Hive Multizone for the extra heating zones in your home. If you’re a Remote Heating Control customer you’ll need to upgrade to Hive Active Heating™. Hive Multizone has been designed to let you control up to three heating zones in your home. If you have it installed in more than three zones your Hive Multizone system may not work.

Q: Is Hive Active Heating™ covered under British Gas HomeCare®?

A: Hive Active Heating™ lets you control your heating remotely from your mobile, tablet or laptop. And if you have a hot water tank you can control your hot water too. Hive Active Heating™ is made up of three main parts:

1. A hub that connects to your broadband router
2. A wireless thermostat that lets you control your heating at home
3. A receiver that is wired to your boiler, telling it when to turn on and off

Once installed you can control your heating remotely using the Hive app, online dashboard or by text. You can also control your heating and hot water manually using the thermostat on the wall.

Q: Will Hive Active Heating™ control my underfloor heating?

A: Yes, Hive can control wet underfloor heating systems. Due to the way wet underfloor heating works it will take a little longer for your home to reach the target temperature you've set and it may overshoot this. Hive cannot control dry underfloor heating, where the heating elements are electrical rather than plumbed.

Q: What does Hive Active Light™ do?

A: Hive Active Light™ is a dimmable smart light bulb that you can control from your mobile, tablet and laptop. Using the Hive app or website dashboard you can set schedules and dimming levels for Hive Active Light™. Both Bayonet and Screw versions of the bulb are available. Hive Active Light™ requires a Hive Hub to work, if you’re an existing Hive customer you’ll already have this, if not you’ll need one to get started.

Q: What features come with the Hive Active Plug™?

A: Hive Active Plug™ lets you turn your electrical devices on or off remotely from your mobile, tablet, or laptop. You can turn your devices on and off when you are away from home. You can also turn your devices on and off manually at the plug. With Hive Active Plug™ you can also set schedules for your devices to turn on and off at certain times of the day. With up to 6 time slots per day you can set your plug to come on in the morning, again at lunchtime and in the evening, giving you more flexibility.

Q: What does Hive Active Plug™ include?

A: Hive Active Plug™ lets you turn your electrical devices on or off remotely from your mobile, tablet, or laptop and set schedules for when they come on. You can also turn your devices on and off manually on the top of the plug. You will receive an Active Plug as part of your purchase. If you are an existing user of Hive and have one or more products already then you will not need any further kit and can set up your Hive Active Plug™ using your existing hub. If this is your first Hive product you will need to purchase a hub in order to set up yourHive Active Plug™.

The Hive Range