Vintage Light Bulbs

Perfect for adding ambience and atmosphere in any area of the home, vintage lamps and retro light bulbs give off a warm and inviting glow. At Toolstation, we stock bulbs in all shapes and sizes that make use of LEDs to recreate the look of a traditional filament Edison light bulb, from trusted brand names like Philips Hue, 4lite and WiZ. Edison LED bulbs Old fashioned light bulbs used a superheated coiled filament to give off a golden or copper-like glow. While these looked the part, they were far from energy efficient, and the filament was prone to breaking and burning out. Thankfully, today’s LED Edison bulbs replace the filament by using a strip of LEDs, meaning you can get that rustic and traditional look with a bulb that comes in a top energy class and lasts for up to 20,000 hours. Browse our vintage light bulbs range today and choose from designs including globes, flames, and ST64s.

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