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The Crown Tools

In honour of the Platinum Jubilee, we here at Toolstation have set out to create a toolkit truly fit for any palace: the Crown Tools. And now we’re on the lookout for the rightful Heir to the Crown Tools – and to offer a royal gift to the most deserving tradesperson.

The Making of the Crown Tools

Our ‘jeweller’, Elizabeth Melinek, has been an artist and production designer for TV, film and live events for 20 years, with a background in jewellery, set building and model making.

The Crown Tools set, which took two days to carefully craft, includes a wrench, claw hammer, chisel, trowel and mixing paddle – all from our very own Minotaur range.

A combination of 24 carat gilding and gold plating made the tools look as if they were cast in real gold. A gilding process, applying gold leaf to the primed surface of the tool, was used in other areas for a beautiful golden effect. The design of some pieces incorporated ornate and floral elements, with gold-plated cast shapes and delicate laser-etched metal applied to the tools before plating.

The golden tools were then polished and sealed, ready to be decorated with realistic-looking rubies, sapphires, pearls and diamonds.

The stones were carefully selected to work with the shapes of each individual tool, meaning many of the stones were unusual in their size and shape – requiring individual hand-crafted settings to fit each one. The settings were then soldered together and applied to the tools – before each stone was carefully set.

A custom glass display cabinet and hand-made velvet cushion with gold-threaded braid were also used to display the final Crown Tools in all their glory.

A Royal Gift From Toolstation

Now, we’re on the lookout for the rightful Heir to the Crown Tools. Do you know someone that’s deserving of such a royal title? Make your nomination via Facebook and tell us why you think they should be crowned. The winner will be awarded £500 of Toolstation goodies of their choice, fit for any palace!

Entries close at 11.59 on Sunday 5 June 2022.

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