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Energy-Saving Products

Energy-Saving Products

Here at Toolstation, we know that the spike in energy prices will have an impact on you – our customers. That’s why we’ve created our handpicked range of energy-saving essentials – products you can use to upgrade your home, and take control of your bills.

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Central Heating

With over half of our energy bills spent on heating and hot water, there’s no better place to upgrade first than your central heating system.

Google Nest Smart Learning Thermostat Stainless T3028GB
EHC ASTRO Electric Wall Mounted Combi Boiler 24kW
Grundfos UPS3 15-50/65 130 Central Heating Circulating Pump 230V
4 Panel Cylinder Jacket 42 x 18
Sentinel X400 Sludge Remover 1L


We can’t avoid using light bulbs, and no matter how reliable you are at turning them off when they’re not in use, it’s not something you can really cut back on to save energy. It’s no secret that energy is wasted through lighting – but what can we do to stop it?

Integral LED Classic GU10 Lamp 4W Warm White 345lm
Luceco SOLAR Guardian 1.5W PIR Wall Light IP65 Black 220lm


There’s no point heating your home if the warmth is just going to escape through the windows, walls, and the roof. Insulation traps the heat inside a building, meaning you’ll need to use far less energy to keep your property warm. With up to 25% of heat being wasted through your roof, you’ll want to take steps to keep it in.

Diagram of a Type 11 Radiator


Shaving a couple of minutes off your shower time, turning the temperature down by one degree – these are just a couple of ways we can save some energy in our bathrooms. But what about replacing your older shower with a newer and more energy-efficient alternative?

Diagram of a Type 11 Radiator

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