• More Choice
  • Longer Life
  • Save Money
  • Eco-Friendly

Power X-Change is the innovative battery system from Einhell, ideal for home, workshop and garden.

The universal system offers the unique possibility to supply cordless freedom to a wide range of tools and garden tools with just one battery. Purchase tools as a kit which includes the battery and charger or buy separately, then add as many body only machines as you like!

Einhell - One rechargeable battery fits all tools

One rechargeable battery fits all tools

From lawnmowers to hammer drills: Power X-Change can run every device with just one rechargeable battery system.

Einhell - Systematic Savings


No need to pay for unnecessary batteries or chargers every time you buy a new tool. Simply use the Power X-Change batteries and chargers that you already have and pocket the difference!

Einhell - Future proof guarantee

Future proof

Einhell guarantee that the Power X-Change products of today will be compatible with any battery and charger products of tomorrow.

Einhell - Positive for the environment

Positive for the

Fewer batteries and charger leads to reduce consumption of energy and resources meaning less environmental impact.

Einhell - Twin-pack Technology


If a device needs more power than provided by a single rechargeable battery, psimply fit two batteries for ‘Twin-pack Technology’.

Einhell - Smart Battery


Cutting edge technology ensures maximum safety with temperature auto shut down.

Einhell - Maximum run time and battery life

Maximum run time & battery life

Einhell’s Powerful SSP chip instantly evaluates and applies the required level of power…
No More Wasted Energy.

Einhell - Brushless Technology

Brushless Technology

Brushless motors avoid friction and the loss of energy that goes with it, leading to longer runtime when using Power X-Change battery.

Bayern banner

“As of August 2021, Einhell as Gold Partner has been appointed as an Home & Garden Expert of FC Bayern. Whether on the pitch or around the Allianz Arena: Be there when we implement exciting projects with the power and garden tools of our Power X-Change battery system enabling the players to make everything possible on the pitch.”
Find out more here: https://www.einhell.co.uk

Einhell has a huge selection of hand-held machines and power tools. From the practical Power X-Change cordless screwdriver to the powerful angle grinder, from the brute hammer drill to the precise circular saw; all of the Einhell tools and equipment are easy to use and are up to even the most demanding home improvement task. Discover the high-quality Einhell power tools range.

See the below video for the Power X-Change battery in action with the Power X-Change 18 V cordless rotating sander. The battery is compatible with all Power X-Change power and garden tools.


Effortlessly take care of your garden with the cordless Power X-Change one battery fits all system from Einhell. The Power X-Change range offers versatile machines and equipment from cordless lawnmowers to brush-cutters to support all work around your lawn, hedges and all other gardening work with the added benefit of cordless freedom. If a device needs more power than provided by a single 18 V re-chargeable battery, simply add a second battery to generate 36V with the Twin-pack technology from Einhell.

To see the Power X-Change battery, compatible with all Power X-Change tools, check out the video below of the Einhell 36V 33cm Li-Ion Cordless Lawnmower GE 36V 2 x 2.0Ah


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