Flues & Cowls

Colt Top 2 Catalogue p85 Catalogue 85 Colt Top 2 >
Anti-downdraught cowl to BS715 1993. Suitable for all gas burning appliances to BS5871 2005 as well as solid fuel and oil. Fits all pots between 125mm and 250mm. Secure fitting by bolts and strap. Powder coated aluminium terracotta colour.
Double Wall Flue Catalogue p85 Catalogue 85 Double Wall Flue >
Twin wall stainless steel insulated flue system (316 grade inner and 304 grade outer wall). System can be used to form class 1 flue system, suitable for all fuel types.
Insulation between walls is a temperature resistant fibre mat. Assembled from the range of standard parts, which are push fitted and locked together using stainless steel bands.
Internal flue diameter is 150mm, and external flue diameter is 200mm.
High Top Birdguard Catalogue p85 Catalogue 85 High Top Birdguard >
Prevents bird and debris entry and reduces rain entry. Models to suit gas/oil or solid fuel systems. Gas version meets BS5871 part 3. Fits all pots between 125mm and 250mm. Secure fitting by stainless steel band system. Powder coated aluminium, terracotta colour.
Rotorvent Spinning Cowl Catalogue p85 Catalogue 85 Rotorvent Spinning Cowl >
Anti-downdraught cowl and ventilator suitable for all fuel systems and tested to BSEN1856 part 1 and BS715 1993. Used on systems that also need assistance with updraught. Stainless steel spinning head and die cast aluminium base.
Top Lid Catalogue p85 Catalogue 85 Top Lid >
Prevents birds, debris and rain entry into disused chimneys whilst allowing necessary ventilation. Stops decay of chimney system associated with freeze/ thaw cycle during winter months, and also saves heat loss. Fits all pots between 125mm and 250mm. Secure fitting by 4 stainless steel pressure bolts. Powder coated in terracotta finish.