Plumbers Tools

Comprehensive range of plumbers tools for the professional plumber.
Abrasive Clean Up Strip Catalogue p114 Catalogue 114 Abrasive Clean Up Strip >
Waterproof fibreglass mesh bonded with 180 grit silicone carbide grit on both sides. Can be used wet or dry. Suitable for deburring copper & metal pipe and cleaning inside fittings.
Boiler Service Cleaning Brush Set Catalogue p114 Catalogue 114 Boiler Service Cleaning Brush Set >
Comprises: 12" handle, 12" extension, 2" x 6", 5/8" x 6", 1" x 2 1/2" & 4" x 1 7/8" nylon brushes, 3/4" x 3" wire brush and 9/16" x 2" phosphorus bronze brush.
Circulating Pump Head Keys Circulating Pump Head Keys >
Comprises 4 x 140mm & 5 x 120mm T handle, ball point hex keys. Fits most domestic pump heads.
Multi Purpose Stop Tap Key Catalogue p116 Catalogue 116 Multi Purpose Stop Tap Key >
Multi purpose key to suit 3/8", 1/2" & 3/4" square stop cock valves and crutch head valves. Pointed handle for opening stop cock covers.
Multipurpose Plumbing Tool Multipurpose Plumbing Tool >
Fits tank connectors 15mm, 22mm & 28mm (internal & external lug), tank connector with 1/2" internal hexagon, rad valves 1/2" internal hexagon (with or without internal lugs), 1/2" radiator air vent plugs, radiator air vent (bleed) pin. Holds new sink and basin wastes whilst fitting.
Olive Puller Catalogue p115 Catalogue 115 Olive Puller >
Solid brass. Removes 15mm and 22mm olives without damage to pipes.
Plumb Tub Catalogue p115 Catalogue 115 Plumb Tub >
Speeds drain down of radiators, helps prevent unsightly stains on carpets and floors. Snap clip holds tub in position on 10, 15, 22mm pipe sizes. Angled fastener guides water to tub. Flexible construction allows tub to be compressed to fit under low hung radiators.
Plumbers Protective Mat Plumbers Protective Mat >
Slip and dirt resistant, wipe clean and machine washable (cool wash).
Water absorbent, quick drying lining. Pipe slots on two sides.
Split Ring Compression Fitting Spanner Catalogue p116 Catalogue 116 Split Ring Compression Fitting Spanner >
280mm length. Ideal for working in restricted areas such as boilers, motorised valves and closely aligned pipes. To use on 15/22mm copper pipes.
Squeeze Off Tool Catalogue p115 Catalogue 115 Squeeze Off Tool >
Clamps up to 25mm plastic pipe for effecting repairs without draining down the system or turning off the water supply.
Tap Backnut & Tap Connector Set Catalogue p116 Catalogue 116 Tap Backnut & Tap Connector Set >
Access to difficult to reach taps on bath and basins. Box spanner enables taps to be tightened or loosened in restricted apertures. Extension bars ease access to taps on baths. Split ring spanner speeds tap connection assembly.
Nylon Drain Plug Catalogue p330 Catalogue 330 Nylon Drain Plug >
Use for blocking off drain pipes. Fitted with removable top caps and rubber rings.
Radiator Valve Change Kit Catalogue p332 Catalogue 332 Radiator Valve Change Kit >
Allows system to be sealed by producing a vacuum, thus valves can be changed without draining the system.
Monument Copper Pipe Jointer Socket Formers Catalogue p114 Catalogue 114 Monument Copper Pipe Jointer Socket Formers >
For joining two pieces of copper pipe of same diameter without using fittings. Resulting capillary joint can be soft or hard soldered. Loose socket former allows easier withdrawal of tool after use. Pipe wall thickness 0.7mm.
Monument Olive Removing Tool Catalogue p115 Catalogue 115 Monument Olive Removing Tool >
Carbo-nitrided carbon steel cutting blades. Not suitable for removing stainless steel olives. 22mm will not fit 3/4" imperial olives.
Tap Reseater Tool Catalogue p115 Catalogue 115 Tap Reseater Tool >
Heavy duty all steel construction. Re-cuts worn tap seats. Hardened cutters sizes 3/4" & 1" included.
Deburrer Catalogue p114 Catalogue 114 Deburrer >
Tool for removing burrs from the ends of pipe. Hardened steel swivelling cutter head.
Manhole Cover Keys Catalogue p116 Catalogue 116 Manhole Cover Keys >
Made from a single piece of malleable iron with a tee handle and D shaped end.
Stop Cock Key Catalogue p116 Catalogue 116 Stop Cock Key >
Strong steel stop cock key. 1000mm long. Fits 1/2" crutch head stop cocks. Pointed handle for opening stop cock covers.
Mono Tap Back Nut Box Spanner Catalogue p116 Catalogue 116 Mono Tap Back Nut Box Spanner >
4 piece set includes 3 double ended box spanners and a tommy bar.
Sizes: 8, 9, 10, 11,12,13mm
Flexible Plug Pump Flexible Plug Pump >
For use with all Monument air bags fitted with a schrader valve
• Pump includes flexible adaptor
Pipe Threading Kit Catalogue p114 Catalogue 114 Pipe Threading Kit >
Suitable for threading black gas or galvanized iron pipes. Kit contains four die heads, two piece tubular steel handle and a compact ratchet head. Cast iron die heads with four alloy steel chasers per head for clean accurate thread cutting. Each die head has four swarf removal holes. Die sizes 1/2", 3/4", 1", and 1 1/4" BSP.