Expanding Foam

Keep insulation airtight with our range of expanding foam. An ideal addition for your collection of building materials for construction and home improvement, spray foam insulation provides an excellent level of insulation and is easier to administer than traditional insulation methods. Toolstation stocks the highest quality expanding foam with brands such as Dow, Everbuild and Siroflex available for the best foam insulation possible.

To fix plasterboard, insulation board and common building substrates, try Insta Stick Multi Purpose B2 fire rated expanding foam or Siroflex Dry Wall expanding foam fix. For high performance polyurethane foam, try the Dow fire rated expanding foam. Alternatively, check out Siroflex expanding foam for general construction and home improvement or Everbuild Exact Gap expanding foam for precision application.

For trade and building purposes, use a foam gun for faster and easier application by choosing our Trade Applicator foam gun or Professional foam gun with a solid metal body and plastic clad metal handle. To remove expanding foam easily, view our range of expanding foam remover such as the Everbuild Foam Eater or the Everbuild expanding foam cleaner, perfect for removing and cleaning Polyurethane foam from foam guns.

Purchases of over £10 receive free delivery or click and collect from your nearest Toolstation branch.

Foam Cleaner Catalogue p42 Catalogue 42 Foam Cleaner >
Unique multi-function cleaner designed to digest and remove uncured PU foam from the majority of gun grade and hand held PU foam applicators.
Foam Eater Catalogue p42 Catalogue 42 Foam Eater >
Designed for the safe removal of cured PU foam and adhesives.
Exact Gap Foam Hand Held Catalogue p42 Catalogue 42 Exact Gap Foam Hand Held >
Hand held minimal expansion grade PU foam for precision application. Foam stays approximately at its extrusion size. Once cured it may be cut, sawn or plastered over after only two hours. Reusable canister, non leak valve.
Fire Retardant Foam (B1) Catalogue p42 Catalogue 42 Fire Retardant Foam (B1) >
A fire retardant insulation and construction foam developed to make a fire retardant seal between masonry joints. Up to 4 hours fire rating. Fire rating specification: tested according to NEN 6069.
Dry Wall Foam Fix Catalogue p42 Catalogue 42 Dry Wall Foam Fix >
Very fast curing PU foam adhesive for fixing plasterboard, insulation board and most building substrates. Use with gun grade applicator 93227 .
Professional Foam Gun Catalogue p42 Catalogue 42 Professional Foam Gun >
Professional foam dispensing gun. Plastic clad metal handle. Solid metal body.